Indoor plants remove pollutants, clean your home’s air and add oxygen to your environment. Even if you have not had success with houseplants before, you can now. Plant Purrfect’s line of indoor self-watering plant pots, accessories and complementing products make it easy. Shown below is just one of our many products for plant enthusiasts. Go to Store to see more. This is our Self-Watering Plant Pot that comes in three colors. Decorative options are available in our catalog. Click on the illustration below to learn how the Self-Watering Plant Pot works to maintain just the right amount of water for your plant at all times and for 2-4 weeks before re-watering is needed.

Self-Watering plant pot - green

Green self-watering pot with water gauge

Self-watering Plant Pot Function

Click illustration to show how the self-watering plant works









  • No over or under-watering
  • Spill resistant, no leaking
  • Re-potting not necessary
  • Know when to water at a glance
  • Instantly fits 3.5″ to 4.5″ standard round nursery pots